As a father of five and a former neonatal intensive care nurse, Dr. Thacker is passionate about helping every child have a happy, healthy life. He knows the essential role that natural chiropractic care plays in promoting optimal health and wellness.

The Nervous System Controls Everything

Think of the nervous system as a fuse box. If there is a “blown fuse,” a child could respond with an array of common childhood conditions. These include constipation, colic, torticollis, irritability, sleep difficulties, reflux and more. As a pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Thacker focuses on allowing the nervous system to function without interference or to remove the “blown fuse,” which is known as a subluxation.

While chiropractic care doesn’t treat anything, it is remarkably effective at managing not only the conditions mentioned above but others. These include:

  •  Allergies
  •  Asthma
  •  Bed wetting
  •  Digestive issues
  •  Neurodevelopment disorders
  •  Ear infections
  •  Scoliosis
  •  Chronic asthma
  •  Boost immunity
  •  And many more

We’ve seen kids who’ve had persistent asthma all the way through their childhood that have been on inhalers or medications for years. Thanks to chiropractic care some have either significantly reduced their medication and others have completely come off of their medications. Other patients, who have had chronic ear infections, have had them go away—no tubes necessary!

Undiagnosed Scoliosis

Using chiropractic care, Dr. Thacker has seen the improvement in teens and those in their early twenties with undiagnosed scoliosis. He sees curves improve and his patients having less pain. Others become completely pain-free. Perhaps best of all, Dr. Thacker has had patients who were able to avoid surgery that would have involved placing rods in their back.

Using Gentle, Light-Force Techniques

If your child has never been under chiropractic care before, we understand that you may be concerned if it’s safe. It is! Not only that, but Dr. Thacker provides gentle, hands-on adjustments using light force. With infants, we use a lot of Logan Basic. With that technique, there’s no cracking and popping sound. The pressure that is applied is extremely light, about the same as that which is used to test a tomato for ripeness.

Once kids are about 8 years of age, we can adjust using a low-force technique. Your child may hear a sound, but the adjustment is never painful. Help your child experience the many benefits of chiropractic care.


Why would a child need chiropractic care?

Kids have a growing spine. They’re growing and changing every single day. From week to week, month to month, they’re going through a tremendous amount of changes. Because they change so rapidly, children need to be assessed regularly to ensure they’re growing as correctly as possible.

How soon can I have my child adjusted?

We recommend as soon after birth as possible. All five of Dr. Thacker’s children were adjusted within their first hour of life. They continue to get adjusted regularly.

How to put a nervous child at ease?

Dr. Thacker talks to children and shows them exactly what we’re going to do—often using a doll or models. He may even let them play with the adjusting table or piece of equipment. Rest assured that we provide a loving and caring environment and will do everything we can to make every appointment enjoyable for your child.

Will chiropractic fix my child?

While we don’t like to use the word “fix,” we do provide corrective care. For example, if there’s an issue with the way a child is growing, Dr. Thacker can provide gentle and effective correction.

How should I prepare my child for the appointment?

To save time, you can download paperwork from our website and complete it before your child’s visit. Play clothes or school clothes are fine for your child to wear. We also encourage you to speak positively about your child’s upcoming visit.

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