new patients welcome  Durham, NC
Welcome to Whole Life Chiropractic! Our friendly and laid-back office is the perfect place to begin your healing and health journey. With a friendly support staff and comfortable, homey feel to the office, you’ll quickly know that you’ve come to the right place to feel your best.

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The First Visit

To save you time we encourage you to download the new patient paperwork from our website and complete it in advance. This first visit takes about 45 minutes. One of our team members will take you back to an exam room where Dr. Thacker will talk to you about what brought you in. He’ll then provide an evaluation and take X-rays if needed. If you come in with pain, he will offer some type of therapy.

The Second Visit

This follow-up appointment typically takes place the next day. Dr. Thacker will go over his report of findings and X-rays and discuss a care plan. Please allow about 30 minutes for this visit.

Regular Appointments

These visits are fairly brief at about 15-20 minutes.

Do I Have to Go Forever?

While it’s always your choice of course as to how long you’d like to be under care, consider this: you likely go to see the dentist every six months to ensure optimal oral health, right? Well, that’s essential maintenance care for your teeth. Likewise, your nervous system requires maintenance care to ensure that your body works at its optimum. When it does, your body can function at its peak.


If you’re ready to boost your health, naturally, contact us today to book an appointment!