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We value our patients' experience at Whole Life Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Dolphus Thacker
Your Durham Chiropractor

I came in after about a week of severe neck pain around the end of the year.  Dr. Kruse was able to make an adjustment to get it moving again.  He was able to put together a treatment plan to help my overall well-being.  The hours, location, and flexibility were great.  They worked with the VA hospital to get my appointments covered.  I would highly recommended a visit to get you back into alignment.

~ C. Kersey

Greg's Story: I started seeing a chiropractor when I was in college. In middle school, I was told I had a mild case of scoliosis, which was why my lower back was sore. I asked about seeing a chiropractor and was told by my doctor that it would never help my situation. While I was in college, my lower back continued to bother me, but then my neck started to get stiff and I started clenching my jaw, which gave me headaches. I finally decided to try a chiropractor in the area and what a difference it made! I spent several weeks going 2-3 times a week to correct my neck and back and kept going on a monthly basis after that. The stiffness and soreness decreased and the frequency of my headaches was dramatically reduced. After college, we moved to Raleigh and I didn't bother looking for a chiropractor for a few months. The soreness and jaw clenching returned so I went to see Dr. Kruse. I now go on a monthly basis have been doing much better ever since. Chiropractics has made a huge difference in my life!

~ Greg S.

My story: I started going to a chiropractor when I was about 12. I was heavily involved in sports which lead to some back pain. My mom took me to her chiropractor  and that's where my routine began. When I got to college I stopped going for about 2 years, which was the worse decision. I found one that was in the area after which I had to go through 3 months of 2-3 appointments each week. Luckily he was able to correct the misalignment in my neck and lower back. It was amazing the difference! My headaches decreased significantly, my leg pain/numbness went away, and I was able to function normally! After college we moved to the Raleigh area, and once again I took too long to find a chiropractor. Finally I found Kruse and I have been doing much better! Since then I have kept up with an appointment on a monthly basis. Chiropractics have made a world of difference for me. ~ Angela S.

"After seeing several doctors, that could not find my issue, I went to Dr. Kruse.  He took x rays and found my issue. After a month of visits, my pain level is a 0 instead of 10. My walk is also getting better!!  My friends have  also noticed the change. ~ Karen J.

I have been under chiropractic care for several years.  What led me to Kruse Chiropractic was the convenient location across the street from my job, as well as early morning and late evening appointments.  My care has evolved from weekly appointments to the once a month maintenance care.  Chiropractic care does not stop when you walk out of the office.   Dr. Kruse provides valuable information and exercise to continue on a daily basis.  Overall, I feel wonderful.  Dr. Kruse and his staff are passionate about your overall wellness, and I have and will continue to strongly recommend him for chiropractic care.  This is the greatest care I've had in a long time.  I thank you, Dr. Kruse and appreciate you.     


Alvester McKinzie

I had a consultation visit with Dr. Kruse and I was impressed with his expertise. I was having a problem with a torn meniscus and he was very helpful. He e-mailed me some exercises even before I had my appointment. Office staff is very polite and accommodating. Dr. Kruse also suggested I take x-rays of my back. I am 65 years old and never had that done. I came to find out that I had a curve in my spine. I should have been at least 3 inches taller. Being a very petite person I certainly would have liked to find this info out sooner. I have recommended Dr. K to several of my friends. He has a great bed-side manner. If you have a problem, he's the man to see.

M. Williams

When I first came to Dr. Kruse I came in the office like Quasimodo. I was hunched over and limping. I was taking strong painkillers to get through the day as a result of two unsuccessful surgeries. My outlook on life was quite grim. I needed to try something besides surgeons to help alleviate my pain since I decided that I would not undergo another procedure.

After much urging from my daughter I decided to give a chiropractor a try. I made an appointment and came limping into the office. I was immediately greeted by a friendly and energetic person named Cassandra. She was very kind and caring and helped me relax. This was really important to me because I was very nervous and a little scared of adding to my already quite intense pain.

Dr. Kruse took the time to learn about me and my condition. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. He explained my situation to me and was quite encouraging and upbeat. After I was completely comfortable and clear with what was happening with me and my pain I had my first adjustment. Without exaggerating I have to say that I felt better after my first adjustment.

Over the course of the next few weeks I continued my treatments. I was always greeted by smiling Cassandra and treated by professional Dr. Kruse. Over the weeks I started walking normal, experiencing less pain and generally feeling better. I became happier and healthier. I felt more optimistic that my pain could be managed without pills.

I am finally living more comfortably and I only have to visit the office once every three weeks to keep everything where it is supposed to be. That actually  is a bit sad because I really enjoy talking to Dr. Kruse and Cassandra. I am now in the process of discontinuing my pain medicine and I have Dr. Kruse to thank for that.

Many Thanks,
Janet Gahagan

"Hey Everyone,  I have been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis for nine years.  I first learned about chiropractic through my brother.  he had a benign brain tumor resting near his optic nerve.  This resulted in him suffering from migraines and blurred vision.  He saw multiple different doctors to find the best solution.  It was then that he discovered chiropractic.  Chiropractic played such a big role in changing my brother's life for the better.  He discovered his passion for chiropractic through his unfortunate circumstance and shared it with me.  I then started going to a chiropractor at the age of 14.  Just like most, I did not understand what chiropractic was all about.  How could an "adjustment" help me?  So my back hurt, but I was fine right?  how was one of my legs shorter than the other?  What did this mean?  Chiropractic has answered all of these interesting questions for me.  The more I learned the more I became fascinated by this concept.  When I was 19 I applied to "Palmer College of Chiropractic" in Davenport, Iowa to pursue my Associates Degree as a Chiropractic Assistant.  I love Chiropractic Technology.  I graduated 16 months later with my degree as Chiropractic Assistant.  I love being a part of chiropractic and encouraging others to give it a try!

Dr. Kruse's office is AMAZING!  I've been to many chiropractors throughout the past nine years.  I first came to Dr. Kruse's office about 4 months ago struggling with migraines and reduced range of motion in my back and neck.  I enjoy coming to this clinic for many reasons.  The passion for chiropractic is clearly displayed.  The staff has a positive upbeat attitude and Dr. Kruse doesn't treat you like another patient.  You can really tell he loves what he is doing and believes in it, and this makes ALL the Difference!

~Melanie Thacker

"For anyone looking to go to Kruse Chiropractic, I wanted to share my experience. Over the last couple of years Dr. Kruse has provided me with the most well-rounded and caring service that one could expect. From the beginning my wife and I were treated like a part of his family, addressing all of our concerns and really getting to know us and our needs. His committment to veterans is commendable.

He was able to initially diagnose my previously broken back, which the Veterans Administration wouldn't officially diagnose for another two years. And most importantly he gave me the option that I could do something about the pain, that it didn't have to be this way forever. The results really do speak volumes and I highly recommend Dr. Kruse for your chiropractic needs. Luke and Julie, you all are great. Thank you

~Henry S.

 "My name is Andrea and I work as  a registered nurse.  Now into my 38th year as a bedside nurse I am so thankful that I still have a back.  However, unfortunately, in March this year my back did suddenly 'give out' one day and I could barely move much less walk.  I went to a medical doctor who gave me muscle relaxant and pain pills.  I rested my back by being out of work.  After 1 week the situation was actually worse.  In tears and feeling desparate, scared about my future working as a nurse, I called Dr. Kruse's office.

I got in to see Dr. Kruse the day I called.  That day he did a consultation/ adjustment as I was in a great deal of pain and could barely walk or sit.  I started with three adjustments a week and had noticable improvement after the 1st week.  I have progressed well and now come in for adjustments once every 2 weeks.  I continue to work hard as ever as a bedside nurse.  I am speechless when trying to express my gratitude to Dr. Kruse for the remarkable treatment he has provided me.  I don't want to even think where I would be if I had not connected with Dr. Kruse.  Denise is truly an asset to the office with her friendly, pleasant smile and helpful ways!"

~Andrea G.

"For me, I have always struggled with physical and mental health.  When I decided to start going to Dr. Kruse, I have to admit I was hesitant because I was on prescription medication.   After telling Dr. Kruse what medication I was on, I braced myself to get a lecture about natural therapies.  There was no lecture or feeling of guilt for being on prescription medication.  I have to admit I was in shock.  Dr. Kruse is and has always been supportive of my decisions on how to treat my mental health.  Through the ups and downs of different medications I decided to ask Dr. Kruse about natural therapies and was excited to hear about the resources he provided for me."

"Dr. Kruse has been essential to my physical and mental health.  I was in a car accident a few months ago and was so grateful to be able to just walk in to Dr. Kruse’s office the next day and start treatment.  Not only has Dr. Kruse been able to get me back on track after my accident but I have also noticed unbelievable changes in my physical health.  I thought friendly (knowing you by your first name) family oriented physicians were part of the past…I am pleased to say Dr. Kruse and his staff have proven me wrong and I am honored to be a patient at Kruse Chiropractic."

~Monica S.

"It was just the other day when I was walking in to the office with no knowledge of how chiropractic care could help me or others.  Within the first month of being here I watched so many patients go through their care and saw how quickly their symptoms and health improved.  Being able to see and hear the stories from our patients is so rewarding.  Experiencing care for myself is great!  I was a bit timid at first; however I soon was reaping the benefits that I had once watched every other patient recieve.  I even decided to have my daughter checked out!  Being here these past few months has been a great experience.  Learning the value of patient education and also learning a few things about my own health is more than I could have ever imagined.  I must say that here at Kruse Chiropractic we value not only our patients but their health and the health of their loved ones!"

~JaDa S.

"My name is Jay.  I've lived with neck pain, a stiff neck, and headaches since around August of 2006.  I've seen another Chiropractor with limited improvements.  I started seeing Dr. Kruse in February of 2009.  After one month of adjustments my neck had an increased range of movement and my headaches were cured.  I am still working with my orthotics and spinal adjustments to address a comprehensive plan to total a healthier me.  I need to start exercising both in general and specific to instructions that Dr. Kruse has suggested to me in an effort to get the most out of what Kruse Chiropractic has offered me.  Dr. Kruse, Julie and staff always make me feel welcome.  I enjoy their close proximity to work and proximity to a good cup of coffee.  Its nice to be recognized by name when I enter the office.  I look forward to continued success of my health and Kruse Chiropractic."

    Jay S.

“Dr. Kruse is a caring and effective doctor. His practice is efficient (no waiting!), thorough, and tailored to meet your specific needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Kruse to anyone experiencing pain that is tired of the "magic pill" methods of traditional medicine.”

~Laura D.

“It's not really fair to have just the top three attributes above listed. Dr. Kruse has all of the attributes in spades. Great Results: I had extreme back pain. He made it so I can walk again. And when I do something stupid, and mess it up, he fixes it each and every time. Personable: Always easy to talk to a cares about what's going on in your world. Expert: Rarely have I found someone who can immediately pinpoint my pain and fix it. Good Value: His team works well with the insurance companies to make sure it is as inexpensive as possible. On Time: I have been to his office more than 20 times. It wasn't until about my 18th visit I actually was able to sit in the chairs in his waiting area because he was so prompt. High Integrity: I had 27 spinal taps and 9 bone marrow tests as a child. I don't let ANYONE touch my back. And yet, he has no problem in getting me to allow him to do so. He's very trustworthy and easy to get along with. Creative: He comes up with various innovative ways to make it so I can walk relatively pain-free until I mess something else up the next time. It's simple, if you're in pain, and you think you've tried everything else, Dr. Kruse will make it better.”

~Paul R.

“When Lucas and I lived in the same town, he was the first person I sought out for chiropractic treatment. He has great understanding of patients' needs and he delivers quality care each time. He is a terrific asset to his community and should be on your health care team.”

~Stephen Brandon, D.C.

“Lucas Kruse was the first chiropractor I have ever gone to in my life. That should tell you two things. One is I was skeptical, and the second is that I was in a lot of pain. Thanks to Lucas Kruse, I am neither now. I will continue to use Lucas Kruse should I ever have to deal with back pain again.”

~Stephanie P.

“Dr. Kruse is the perfect example of a family man and family doctor. I am privileged to call him a friend, and am sure his patients feel the same way about calling him their doctor. If you are considering a visit with Dr. Kruse, you won't be disappointed. I can't say enough about his skill as a physician, and caring nature as a person.”

~Joe Rosney, D.C.

I first walked into Dr. Kruse's office with some hesitation and a somewhat skeptical attitude.  Although I have always been a firm believer in the benefits of Chiropractic Medicine, I also believe it is crucial to have a doctor who is truly interested in the patient and takes time to address all the issues.  The last chiropractor I had been to was more interested in getting as many patients in and out of the office as quickly as possible and the experience left me feeling very disillusioned.  I knew I wanted a doctor who would not see me as a number, but rather as an individual with specific issues that needed to be identified and addressed.

Within five minutes of meeting Dr. Kruse, I knew I was in the right place.  It is very obvious that Dr. Kruse's main focus is to improve the quality of life for his patients.  He is warm and compassionate and takes the time to explain in detail what he feels are your problem areas and what the plan is to improve each of them.  Dr. Kruse never rushes a patient and always asks if you have any questions or concerns about your treatment.

The office has a very friendly atmosphere and you always feel welcome and appreciated.  Care is taken to ensure you are comforable and treated in a professional manner.

Since I began seeing Dr. Kruse I have experienced a major improvement in my mobility and level of pain.  I appreciate the outstanding care provided by Dr. Kruse and am confident that in his care, my overall health has and will continue to be greatly improved.

~Sue G.

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for all that you have done for me. As you know, I have been suffering from carpel tunnel and extreme tendonitis (according to my family physician) for well over a year. When we first met, I had been wearing a splint on my right hand that immobilized my wrist and thumb (I am right handed - you can imagine how debilitating that was) for over a year. My doctor told me that the splint would help, and on one occasion he gave me a steroid shot to help the swelling. Beyond that, he was unable to help me with the pain and enfeeblement in my hand and wrist.

I remember waking up randomly at night in aching, intense pain ranging from my fingertips through to my upper arm. My morale was falling, and surgery seemed like the only option left to quell the pain and recapture the use of my right hand and arm again.

You offered me a second alternative - less invasive, cheaper, and very effective. Within about 3 weeks of seeing you 3 times a week, the normal pains (shooting, throbbing, aching, burning, and tingling) had dissipated. I am very pleased with your rehabilitation program, as I am regaining the precision and strength that I once had in my right hand. Before seeing you, I would not have been able to type this letter in an hour, and certainly couldn't write it. Now I am back to typing at speeds of over 70 words per minute. I feel like you have given my life back to me, and just can't thank you enough.

Your office has come to feel like a second home to me; your wife Julie is very knowledgeable and friendly, answering those difficult insurance questions like a pro. Kristen adds to the atmosphere with her light spirit and kindness, always able to greet me by name. I would recommend Chiropractic healthcare to any of my friends and family, not just for daily aches and pains, but for general health and well-being. You have changed my life in a very profound way by giving me back my right hand. I can't thank you enough.

Sincerely,  David W.

 I want to express my gratitude, for the friendly, helpful staff and excellent care I have recieved here at Kruse Chiropractic.  My adjustments have virtually eliminated my need for other medical care.  I personally like the Holistic approach.  My headaches and numbness in both wrists, and back ache have subsided.  This means I have not needed to take either prescription or over the counter drugs that are harmful to my liver.  I strive for wellness by prevention rather than cure.  I love the monthly newsletters, with a plethora of useful and helpful information.  I also appreciate the helpful facts and warnings about harmful toxins and vaccinations that are foisted on the unsuspecting public by the FDA.  Forwarned is indeed forearmed.

Thank you, God Bless,

~Nadine C.

 As a result of many years of wear and tear on my body through athletics and my service to the United States Army, I severly ruptured a disk in my back while playing soccer.   After having surgery I faced a long road to recovery.  Although my symtoms improved after surgery I still had pain and numbness that continued down my left leg.  This pain affected my lifestyle and work performance.  I was somewhat skeptical to see a chiropractor but Dr. Kruse convinced me that he could help.  Through a series of adjustments and  exercises the pain and numbness that I felt is completely gone.  I feel like I am 98% better and quickly moving toward a complete recovery.  Dr. Kruse significantly helped and greatly improved my lifestyle.   Now all of my family goes to the chiropractor.  My wife who was experiencing back pain during her pregnancy was adjusted by Dr. Kruse and after several weeks her back pain was completely gone.  She also was able to deliver our second child naturally.  Both my daughters also see him.  I am grateful to him and his family for improving my family's wellness.   

~Brian  Eli
Financial Advisor

Edward Jones

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""For me, I have always struggled with physical and mental health. When I decided to start going to Dr. Kruse, I have to admit I was hesitant because I was on prescription medication. After telling Dr. Kruse what medication I was on, I braced myself to get a lecture about natural therapies. There was no lecture or a feeling of guilt for being on prescription medication. I have to admit I was in shock. Dr. Kruse is and has always been supportive of my decisions on how to treat my mental health. Through the ups and downs of different medications, I decided to ask Dr. Kruse about natural therapies and was excited to hear about the resources he provided for me.""
    Monica S. Durham, NC
  • ""Dr. Kruse has been essential to my physical and mental health. I was in a car accident a few months ago and was so grateful to be able to just walk into Dr. Kruse’s office the next day and start treatment. Not only has Dr. Kruse been able to get me back on track after my accident but I have also noticed unbelievable changes in my physical health. I thought friendly (knowing you by your first name) family oriented physicians were part of the past…I am pleased to say Dr. Kruse and his staff have proven me wrong and I am honored to be a patient at Kruse Chiropractic.""
    Monica S. Durham, NC

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